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Radiation Oncology

Veterinary radiation oncology is a specialized type of cancer treatment that involves radiation to control or remove your pet's tumors and other cancerous growths.

Our veterinary radiation oncologists cantreat both external tumors and internal masses. Tumors that have been unresponsive to other procedures or that can't be surgically removed may also respond well to radiation oncology. Radiation treatment is often just one part of a larger cancer care plan. It may be utilized in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy, or other treatment methods.We are fully equipped with the most advanced radiation technology available and our veterinary radiation oncologists are highly-trained specialists with many years of experience in treating animals.

What to Expect

Your veterinary radiation oncologist will work with you and your pet's other doctors to create a customized treatment plan that gives your pet the best possible chances for a full recovery.Regardless of the type and severity of your pet's cancer and any other existing health conditions they may have, your cancer care plan will include:

  • Administration of radiation treatments. Radiation treatments may be performed through a variety of methods.

  • Anesthesia and careful monitoring. Your pet will be given low-dose anesthesia during their radiation treatments and closely monitored to ensure they respond well to it.

  • Daily or weekly treatments. The frequency of your pet's radiation treatments will depend on your pet's specific needs.

  • Management of secondary symptoms. Our team will work with you to help manage any secondary symptoms associated with radiation treatment.

  • Collaboration with radiology and chemotherapy. Your oncologist will work together with the other members of your pet's cancer care team to ensure that your pet receives the right care for their needs.

  • Collaboration with primary care. We will always work with your primary care veterinarian to provide through care and treatments.

Other treatment options may be available as well, depending on your pet's condition. If you have any questions for our radiation oncology team, please call us today.