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Orange Cat Laying in Wooden Cat House

Caring For Comfort

Not only have we created an environment where the clinic is AAFP Cat Friendly Gold Certified Practice but we have team members who have completed the Fear Free Certification ProgramLow Stress Handling Certification, and most of the team has completed the individual AAFP Cat Friendly Certificate Program.

Woman playing with cat on carpet

Cat Only Environment and an AAFP Gold Certified Cat Friendly Practice

At both The Cat Clinic & Village Cat Clinic, everything is geared towards the feline patient. The clinic's atmosphere has undergone many changes and adaptations in order to provide an environment to both help ensure a cat's happiness and contentment while visiting or staying with us and also encourage stress reduction.

To make your cat more comfortable kitty condos always have comfy hiding spaces and we have multiple kenneling areas since many cats don't appreciate being near others. When your cat is being examined we will make sure there is a thick blanket sprayed with Feliway for their comfort.