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A personal message from Dr.Liz

Dr. liz with cat

To all my wonderful clients,

I feel that I need to let all of you know that I will be off for a few months in order to have and recover from open heart surgery.

I have had a faulty aortic valve and aorta from birth. It has never caused me a moment of trouble as many of you would agree when you see me running around the clinic.

However, my condition has been closely followed by my cardiologist for years, as we knew at some point I would require surgery.

So, I am going to have to take a personal leave from caring for your family feline for the next little while.

One of my daughters said  that it  had to come to heart surgery in order to slow me down a little bit and she is probably right.

However, I have left you and your cats in absolutely incredibly capable  hands.

We have amazing teams at both The Cat Clinic and Village Cat Clinic and I would trust my own cats with any of my colleagues.

Most of them have worked alongside of me for years and all have extensive knowledge, passion, love and understanding of  felines and feline medicine and surgery.

Angie, who is a spectacular RVT and our social media guru will keep you up to date on my progress and I am convinced I will be running around the clinics once again in no time.

In the meantime, I have a personal mountain to climb, which I intend to climb effectively, efficiently and successfully.

Many thanks for the wishes and great energy being extended already from those who already know this news – I am deeply touched.

I love feline medicine and I love my patients, but I also love you my clients – you have given me so much over the years.

The gratitude I feel  for trusting the care of your family feline to myself and my team is beyond words.

Many thanks to all of you,