The Cat Clinic staff member specialist interacting with patient on medical table

Remember to bring your cat into the clinic at least annually

Preventive Health Care

Here at The Cat Clinic we like to focus on preventive health care for your pet. Cats often get forgotten when it comes to preventive health care, but just like with dogs it is vitally important that your cat visits the veterinarian every year.

By being connected, we can offer the most current advice for your cat. When your cat is presented to our veterinarians they will receive a detailed general physical exam. This consultation consists of detailed history taking and a thorough examination of your pet.

The Doctor will advise you of any current medical concerns as well as ways to prevent future health problems. Preventive medicine can include physical exams, parasite control, routine blood work, oral exams and nutritional consults.

At this time you will be advised as to the best vaccine schedule for your cat depending on their age, lifestyle and health status. This continued relationship allows us to find problems early or in some cases avoid the problem altogether.