Cat eating wet food from a bowl in front of bag of oral care dry food

Tailored diets can be shaped around your pet's health condition

Nutrition Counselling

Here at The Cat Clinic we feel it is important to focus on preventive health care for your pet and good nutrition is a corner stone in this philosophy. Feeding your cat the right food can go a long way to preventing disease and improving quality of life and longevity. We recommend that most cats eat a combination of canned and dry.

Dry food is convenient and nutritionally dense but there are many benefits of canned food that cannot be overlooked. The increased water content of the canned food helps promote bladder and kidney health, as well as giving you easier options for medications later in life.

Because cats can be finicky eaters we carry several lines of foods in order to meet our patients needs. These foods are cost comparative to the higher quality pet store foods but include in depth company support, exceptional quality control, extensive research, proven indications as well as veterinary monitoring. Based on your individual pet's needs we can also recommend diets for specific disease conditions as part of long term therapy.