Anesthetized cat having teeth professionally scaled and cleaned at The Cat Clinic

Dentistry and Preventive Dental Care

We believe that proper dental care plays an important part in your cat's healthy and happy life. Periodontal disease is one of the most common diagnoses in cats. It is especially important as bacteria from the tartar in your cats mouth can spread to other parts of the body, including the heart and kidneys, where it can cause extensive damage or life threatening infections.

Although periodontal disease can be quite painful most affected cats will learn to eat by chewing where it isn't sore or they may not chew their food at all. We believe prevention is critical, as many painful dental conditions can be avoided.

We offer several different preventive strategies from special diets, dental gels and teeth brushing to ultrasonic scaling and polishing. For many cats regular professional cleaning done under general anesthesia is important to maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums.

We use ultrasonic scaling to clean each tooth thoroughly. The teeth are then polished to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface resistant to plaque build-up. If needed, we can perform extractions while your pet is anesthetized.

It is very common for people to report that although they had not realized their pet was uncomfortable, the dramatic improvement after dentistry makes it obvious just how serious the problem was.