Feline Staff

Lance the patient advocate cat

Lance – Patient Advocate

Lance was a beat up stray brought to us by one of our clients. He had obviously been on the streets for quite some time and still bares the scars from his experiences. Unfortunately his toilet habits initially were not quite as pristine as they needed to be in order to be part of our adoption program, so we took some time retraining him. In the meantime he has made himself so at home that it was decided he needed to take over the Patient Advocate position at The Cat Clinic.

Lance loves to check on our patients and you can often find him chatting away to the other kitties in the clinic. His favorite resting place is spread out on the area rugs so he can still supervise all the comings and goings

Sophie the reception cat at The Cat Clinic

Aries - Office Supervisor

1998- 2014

Similar to Sophie our darling Aries came to us to find a new home when his owner was hospitalized for palliative care and then passed away. Aries was diagnosed with a lung tumor shortly after his arrival so it was decided that since he was comfortable and happy he could spend the rest of his days lounging around the clinic. He took on the role of Office Supervisor with relish and soon became a cherished member of our team. Aries was always quick to greet clients and staff in the mornings, loved to jump on our computers and helped by making a mess of our desk tops. His favorite place was curled up in front of the computer in the office making sure anyone working there could hear him serenading them with his purrs. He was always so cheerful and a gentle soul to be with.

Aries passed away at the age of 16 years old after a valiant struggle with lung cancer, but he always kept a positive attitude. Aries is missed by all the staff at the Cat Clinic as well as the clients that he was able to greet while he was on his "rounds" touring the clinic. Aries was truly an amazing cat and we are all thankful for his presence in our lives.

Sophie the reception cat at The Cat Clinic

Sophie - Customer Relations Specialist


It is with an extremely heavy heart that we have to share the news that Sophie our Customer Relations Specialist passed over the rainbow bridge on Wednesday April 24th 2013. While Sophie originally came to the clinic looking for a new home when her caregiver passed away, she ended up with a full-time job; she spent most of her days relaxing in the window, greeting visitors to the clinic, or sleeping in the foster-kitty display cage.

At seventeen years old she had been going slowly downhill for a couple of months but had taken a drastic turn for the worst in her last few days.  Her final time was spent peacefully surrounded by staff both old and current to help her on her way.

Calling her our clinic cat just can never really encompass everything she has been to our clinic, clients and staff for the last 8 years. We will all miss her so much.