The benefits of House Calls for some of our patients

January 21, 2017 / Cat's Meow / Leave a comment

The Cat Clinic has been proudly offering house calls to our feline patients for over 10 years!  The mobile team has travelled extensively, even visiting homes as far from Hamilton as Niagra Falls.  While The Cat Clinic is an AAFP Feline Friendly Practice and every effort is made to welcome cats to their appointment...if you ask the kitties, many will tell you that they prefer house calls!  There are several advantages to a house call visit.  Some cats simply don't like their carrier, and resist with enthusiasm efforts to place them inside.  A Laborator Retriever may enjoy a trip to the drive through (especially if donuts are involved) but often cats dislike travelling even a short distance by car.  Of course there are no barking dogs at The Cat Clinic, but many of our patients prefer to avoid other cats too, especially when not feeling well.  House call cisits solves all of these challenges!  Annual health exams, vaccination, flea treatment or deworming, blood testing and behaviour counselling are just a few of the reasons why our clients request a house call for their kittes every week.  Many cats prefer house calls, but when their owners see the benefits, they prefer house calls too!

Written by Dr.Tom Jackson

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