Staff pet profile - Molly

November 25, 2012 / Cat's Meow / Leave a comment

Molly is a 10 year old Standard Poodle who lives with Dr.Chernesky.  This gentle lady is being managed medically for hypothyroidism and mild arthritis. This doesn't stop her from her favorite pastime of hunting garden mice and moles..Her photo here actually pictures her taking a break. I try to monitor her digging but allow her some freedom on our long walks down the farm lane way.  Unfortunately, for her, she was born a lovely Poodle and thus cannot wander totally free or she would return full of burrs.  She lives with Welly, our slightly psychotic 4 year old orange Tabby. Welly gets his name from the Apartment “Stairwell" from where our son Marcus rescued him.

Written by Dr. Sandra Chernesky

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