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I've been adopted - Please meet Daisy - Our happy little CH kitten.

August 24, 2017 / 2 Comments

This adorable kitten was found as a stray by one of our clients.   This Good Samaritan knew Daisy wasn’t feeling well so she brought her in to see us.   She was very ill and tested positive for Feline Panleukopenia.  Although this disease is easily preventable with routine vaccinations in young kittens the disease can often be fatal.  In order to have any chance of survival these kittens need intensive treatment including 24 hour care on intravenous fluids for several days.  Daisy’s prognosis was quite guarded and due to financial concerns her new owner had no choice but to make the devastating decision to euthanize. 

Although this was a reasonable decision due to how poorly Daisy was feeling our team felt they really wanted to give this adorable calico a chance.   Her mom was thrilled when we asked if she would be willing to surrender her into our care so our team could try and save her life.  The team then came up with a volunteer plan to make sure Daisy received her treatments every 4 hours to give her the best chance of recovery.  After an intense weekend that included replacing IV lines after kitten chewing and many assisted feedings Daisy showed real signs of improving.

At first the odd stumbling in the kitty condo was attributed to the IV bandage and overall weakness but as she improved her balance did not. Daisy had developed cerebellar hypoplasia.  This is reflected in uncoordinated gait, slight tremors and stumbling.   This can be a long term side effect as the Panleukopenia virus can affect the cerebellum of the brain.  This is not a progressive condition and affected cats tend to learn to adapt easily to being “special”.  It does however effect kittens to varying degrees.   As a result it was decided we were going to take a few weeks to assess her physical challenges and what special considerations she would need.

After a 2 week assessment it was found that although Daisy will have some lifelong special needs they will be quite minimal. 

She will need the following:

-A litter box with shorter sides.  She will try and climb her way into a deep litter box but she will often trip and fall. 

-A litter box that is cleaned daily.  We advise this in general for any cat but because sometimes she falls in the litter a clean box is going to be essential to keep good toilet habits.

-She does well on stairs both carpeted and not.

-She wants to spend time snuggling with people but she will need to have steps or a ramp to get up onto the bed.  (This may not be as necessary when she gets larger)

-We are working on her social skills but she still gets scared easily.  When she’s scared she tends to fall over and get hissy.  She will need a home where this response is going to be tolerated by other pets or children.  Having said that she is a very social little girl who would love a home with another cat for company.

-She is very “weak” in her back end so where a normal cat would jump (ie up to the couch) she sort of jumps and then pulls herself up using her front feet.  (This means she uses her claws for mobility) It also means that when she gets down she just sort of slides down until her front feet touch the ground.


-She loves loves loves cloth tunnels.  Her foster home has a big three entrance one and she loves to not only run through the tunnels but bounce on the top.

-Crinkle balls.  These are a huge favorite that she quite comically likes to carry around in her mouth.

-Toilet paper rolls.  She will happily bat one of these around for ages.

-Sisal scratching posts.    She loves these but she’s more of a horizontal scratcher than a vertical one so she likes it when it’s laid on the ground instead of upright.

-Bedtime Cuddles!  As soon as the lights go out and it’s bedtime she will climb onto your chest and start purring away.


-She’s not a big fan of dogs.  If the dog is quieter she does eventually learn to tolerate them.

-Loud noises.

-Being by herself, she really likes having some company.

Special Talents:

-Making people smile.  You can't help it when you watch her happy antics.

-Helping with your reading.  She is an expert at turning the pages and changing the font on a Kindle.


Although Daisy has a lifelong condition her limitations are minimal.  She loves life and is an extremely social friendly little girl.  She’s looking for a family who understands she’s a little bit special who can make a few minor concessions.  If you’re interested in Daisy or have any questions about her special needs please contact the clinic.

Our Adoption fee is $175.  This includes the full initial series of vaccinations, neutering or spaying, deworming, defleaing, fecal testing, FeLV/FIV testing, treatment for any external parasites, an insurance trial, microchipping and in Daisy’s case the medical care from when she was so ill.

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Hello Corine I have a kitty at home with mild CH as well and they can be such treasures.  Daisy has been adopted by an awesome family and is doing great.  She's a little "different" but she's happy and enjoying life.  They are long term clients here and they are super nice to her former foster mom (me) and send email updates with pictures regularly.   Angie

Posted by Angelina Johnstone on April 27 2019 @ 8:27 am

Hello. I have two CH cats. One very mild and one moderate. They have gained strength since being kittens. How is Daisy doing. I see your ad is from 2017 so I presume she has been adopted.

Posted by Corine Dokic on April 27 2019 @ 5:53 am