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I've been Adopted! - Wink who fought so hard for life got her forever home!

August 31, 2013 / Leave a comment

Introducing Wink!


It was a really busy Thursday morning when we received a desperate call from a Hamilton Animal Services employee asking if we could please help.  They had a really sick four week old kitten that had an upper respiratory infection so bad that she wasn’t eating and her eye was swollen shut.  Well of course we had to say yes!


This tiny little ball of grey fluff arrived at our clinic and we honestly weren’t sure we could save her life let alone save her eye.  It was a tough fight for the little girl but she was a true trooper and fought her little heart out.  Two weeks of intensive treatments and assisted feedings and we are thrilled to say she’s not only alive and playing like a regular kitten but her eye has healed beautifully.


After all of this we couldn’t stand the thought of sending her back so we called Animal Services and asked could we please keep her and find her a forever home.  The employee’s were thrilled and sent over the paperwork right away.  


She’s now six week old and a little scruffy looking from her ordeal but if anyone deserves a loving forever home it’s this girl who fought so hard for life.  Her personality in spite of everything she’s been threw is playful and gentle.  When someone pays attention to her she never quite knows if she wants to purr first or hop around and play.  If you’re interested in Wink please call the clinic at 905-387-4151 or email at [email protected]

Little Wink got her forever home along with Little Red and now they are best buddies!


Our Adoption fee is $150 this includes the full initial series of vaccinations, neutering or spaying when they are old enough, deworming, defleaing, felv/fiv testing, treatment for any external parasites and microchipping.

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