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I've been Adopted! - The Unique Wilbur found his forever home with a member of Dr.Sudermans family!

October 09, 2013 / Leave a comment

Please meet the Unique Wilbur!


Wilbur and his siblings ended out at Hamilton Animal Services after being picked up as strays.  His siblings were all healthy but it was obvious poor Wilbur has had a rougher time.  His left eye, at some point, had been ruptured.  It was swollen and trying to heal on its own and his poor tail somehow ended out almost like a corkscrew.  HAS sent him to a veterinarian for treatment but it was soon apparent that he needed more than they were in a position to provide.  One of the employees’s sent out a plea so we just had to go and meet him.  He was in a noisy room, separated from his siblings with a huge cone on his head so you’d think he would be an unhappy kitty, except the minute you talked to him he rushed right to the front of the cage and started purring.  We knew we just had to help him.  He’s been receiving eye medication in hopes that we can salvage some sight from the eye but he may eventually need an enucleation, only time will tell.   Dr. Sudermans cousin was looking for a new kitty and he ended out being a perfect fit.  Wilburs life is finally looking up!


Our Adoption fee is $150 this includes the full initial series of vaccinations, neutering or spaying when they are old enough, deworming, defleaing, felv/fiv testing, treatment for any external parasites and microchipping.

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