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I've been adopted again - Please meet Tessa

September 01, 2016 / Leave a comment

Through no fault of her own little Tessa has been returned to us.  The senior kitty in the family decided he wasn't happy having an active kitten in his home.  With great sadness it was decided that they had to return Tessa to our care as it wasn't fair to him.  

She's a bit bigger but still the same love bug.  As long as it's kept in mind that she is an active little kitten with the right introduction she will do well in a home with other cats.  She's a bit shy in new situations but once she settles she's a happy kitty...she even gives kitty kisses.

Original Profile : As part of our commitment to the cats in our community we save surgical time for 4 surgeries a week with the SPCA Trap Spay/Neuter Release program. Because many of these cats are smart enough to not go in a trap twice this program includes pediatric spay/neuter as well. Today the kitty who came in was this tiny scared poly brown tabby kitten who just huddled in the corner. Her ears were full of mites and she was loaded with fleas. She was just so sad looking that the idea of releasing her again was breaking today's surgical tech's heart. Typically kittens this age can easily be socialized into loving house pets. A few phone calls later and the SPCA and the colony caretaker both agreed that this little girl could be surrendered to our technician for socialization and then adoption. Turns out she's not going to need much socialization ...she was giving kisses, head butts and doing happy toes by the end of the day. Welcome to a better life Tessa!  
The very same day Tessa came in one of our long term clients was asking about adopting Hemi.  Well you know we can't bare to part with that little rascal but when they met Tessa they fell instantly in love and have committed to adopting her.  She still has some training to do and then she will be of to enjoy her new family.

Our Adoption fee is $175 this includes the full initial series of vaccinations, neutering or spaying when they are old enough, deworming, defleaing, fecal testing, felv/fiv testing, treatment for any external parasites, insurance trial and microchipping.

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