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Available Now - Please meet Lucy!

December 01, 2018 / Leave a comment

Update : Lucy is a bit of a special needs kitty.  She has spondylosis that we are controlling with a capsule of medication in her food twice a day, Stage 1 renal disease and diabetes.  We are hoping her diabetes will be able to be controlled with special diet.

This chatty girl is another pretty lady who came all the way from Gatineau, Quebec. We don’t know a lot about Lucy’s history except that she was surrendered because she smelled bad.  Turns out she had a dirty back end because she has arthritis and can’t reach to clean.  Some pain medication, a weight loss plan and dental procedure later and she was all ready to find a new forever home

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I've been adopted! - Please meet Belle

December 01, 2018 / 1 Comment

Belle is a two year old outgoing playful female kitty.  She is a BIG fan of knotty knots and crinkles balls and would just love to worm her way into someone’s heart.


Belle will be coming back into our adoption program.  Although they loved her, for personal reasons, the family she was placed with were no longer able to keep her.  We are hoping the second time will be the charm. 



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